The whole ambiance of the show made me feel like I suddenly took a left turn into a dark alley, only to end up at some secret backwoods Louisiana party.”
Jessica Abou | IX daily

“Haunting lyrics and waltzing ukulele lulls my heart until the guitar falls like artillery that thrust you into a sonic symphony of longing vocals, moaning bass, and dynamic percussion (...) our northern neighbors have captured a sound that is a three way collision between The Decemberist, Radiohead, and a tiny bit of Modest Mouse.”
Carl Daniel

"Their mix of vintage rock n roll
and noisy post and punk rock,
performed with a countrified swagger,
is powerful and original."
Brian Clarke | Bloody Underrated

“As much as the band doesn’t want to admit it, they’re masters at putting on a great performance. When you see a live Po Lazarus show, it’s difficult not to get swept up in the vibe and feel like these gentlemen are making sweet love to your eardrums.”
Stephanie Laughlin | Forget the Box

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